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    Zoe Saldana: Sci-Fi Queen!

    But Also:

    Shame Anamaria never came back in the other Pirates sequels. If it weren’t for Tia Dalma, I might have grit my teeth down to nubs out of annoyance with Elizabeth.

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    Capcom Figure Builder Palicoes Volume 3

    Lagiacrus Cat, Zamtrios Cat, Arzuros Cat, Seltas Cat, Tetsucabra Cat, and Alloy Cat.

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  8. Garuda  :

    "The queen of storms , Garuda is the chosen primal of Lxal , Though elegant in form and graceful in motion , The capricious and ruthless nature of this bloodthirsty being engenders mindless terroreven among her devoted worshippers , Her wrath often erupts without warning and descends upon her victims with unbridled fury ."

                                                   Final fantasy xiv lore

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  9. t h e  p r i m a l  t h r e a t .

    redo of [x]

  10. It comes off as if she’s going to be even more ‘human’ and intelligent than Ramuh was. Ifrit was a nigh-religious beast, Titan was more or less the same without the dogmatism (same for Leviathan) and Garuda was just batshit insane.

    If so, I like the idea of primals having more personality and relevance outside deity-like power.

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  13. Someone did some number-crunching for Metal Gear Scanlon.

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